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Happy Baby

What to Expect

Step 1. Meet with AsiaWest Egg Donors

Our Client Manager will take the time to get to know you, learn about your needs, and explain the process. Whether you want to come to our office or speak to us by phone or Skype, we are happy to answer all of your questions. Click here to schedule and appointment.

Step 2. Select an Egg Donor

We will provide you with access to our egg donor database where you will find detailed information about potential donors including photos, physical description, a family history overview, education and personal interests. AsiaWest Egg Donors works hard to match intended parents with their ideal egg donor who has the unique qualities and attributes you are looking for. We are happy to provide you with as much guidance and assistance as you would like when selecting your egg donor.


Step 3. Sign up with our agency

Once you have found the right egg donor and decide to move forward, you will sign a contract with AsiaWest Egg Donors and pay our agency fee.


Step 4. Additional screenings for you and your egg donor

Your egg donor will undergo additional psychological and medical screening recommended by your clinic.

Step 5. Sign a contract with your egg


donor account

AsiaWest Egg Donors provides a draft egg donation contract. You and your egg donor will review the document with separate attorneys, reach an agreement, and sign the contract. At this time, you will also fund the escrow account for your egg donor. (Your egg donor receives her compensation after completing the egg retrieval.)

Step 6. Egg donor begins medication cycles

Once the contract is signed and the escrow account is funded, we will send a letter to the fertility clinic giving them clearance to begin the medication cycles with your egg donor. She will then undergo a cycle of medications for about ten days before the egg retrieval can occur.

Step 7. Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval is done approximately 10 days after your egg donor begins her cycle medication. The retrieval is an outpatient procedure performed at the fertility clinic. Upon completion of the cycle your donor will be payed her compensation from the escrow account.


Step 8. Work with your clinic to Build Your Family

The rest is up to you and your clinic!

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