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Interested in Becoming a Surrogate?

Help Families and Earn Money with our sister agency Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC


Carrying a child for someone else is one of the most profound gifts a woman can give. If you enjoy being pregnant and have easy pregnancies, being a surrogate for a family that could not otherwise have a baby can be a deeply rewarding experience. And the compensation you receive may allow you to go back to school, stay at home with your children, or fund a lifelong dream. Learn more about surrogate mother pay.

Why Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC?


Northwest Surrogacy Center (NWSC) has over 25 years of experience working with highly qualified legal and medical professionals. Whether you’re seeking an intended family or already have a relationship with one, we take care of you every step of the way, from your very first questions to the birth and beyond.

We personally get to know all of our surrogates and intended parents and work hard to make the best, most compatible matches possible. We work with diverse clients, including LGBT and straight couples and single parents. We provide both structure and flexibility, giving you and the intended parents the outline and tools to design your ideal experience and relationship.

Requirements for becoming a surrogate


In order to be a surrogate, you must be:

  • living in Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, or Washington;

  • physically and mentally healthy;

  • between 21 and 41 years old;

  • a non-smoker;

  • parenting your own child, with a history of a healthy pregnancy;

  • willing to take medication by injection for several months;

  • willing to abstain from alcohol and drugs; and

  • less than 32.0 on the BMI scale and at least 5 ft tall ( Check your BMI )

Becoming a surrogate mom is an incredible gift and also a serious responsibility. You must be stable and mature, and willing to commit time and energy to the surrogacy process. You must be willing to accept the risks of pregnancy as well as the emotional and psychological challenges associated with surrogacy. If you are married or in a relationship, your partner will have to be supportive of the process and willing to undergo medical tests and sign legal documents.

If surrogacy sounds right for you, explore the 10 steps to becoming a surrogate mother.

Who should I contact if I have more questions? If you have more questions, email us at

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