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Donor Testimonials

"As someone who had no experience with egg donation, I could not be happier that I chose AsiaWest for my first experience.  They are very professional individuals who are transparent about every step along the process.  They took the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with every decision I made, and made sure that both the intended parent and I were satisfied.  They worked with my schedule and are very easy to communicate with.  I never felt that I was rushed into making a decision.  I would recommend AsiaWest to anyone who is interested in donating their eggs.  I truly believe that they have the right intention and that they really take care of their donors."
– Donor JS

From the day I walked in the office I felt really positive about it all because everyone was very open, very supportive.  That openness and supportiveness was really significant.  You want to feel prepared and supported.  And that I think is something AsiaWest fulfilled really, really well.  I feel so lucky.  I don’t know if other agencies are like this great, but everyone at AsiaWest was so cool.  Amber was amazing throughout the whole process.  There were a couple moments where there was some confusion about appointment times and I was like freaking out and Amber was just on top of it and everything went really smoothly because of her!  It was definitely a really good experience working with AsiaWest.
– Donor IS

The whole process was explained well to me, so I knew exactly what to expect for the next step and for the whole retrieval process.  Everything was very clear too, so I wasn’t very nervous or confused during the process at all.  I had to travel for the retrieval, and I had difficulty finding a support person for the retrieval.  I worked with Amie.  She was very patient and helped me arrange and set up for retrieval travel.  Amie checks in with me during and after the retrieval to make sure I’m doing ok.  She is so loving and I feel personally connected with her; she feels like more than just an agent for the process, but also a friend to be alongside me.  The whole process was very pleasant and I’m so glad I decided to go through with it.  It was my honor to do this with AsiaWest.
– Donor CB

My coordinators at AsiaWest were extremely responsive and kept in touch with me every step of the way, so I was never confused about anything in the process and knew that they were keeping tabs with me.  I’d definitely encourage prospective donors to find an agency with the same level of responsiveness!
– Donor TZ

Working with AsiaWest has been the best possible thing.  The intended parents also told me how much they loved working with Amie and everyone at AWED.  I felt like I didn’t have to worry about anything – flights, hotels – I just had to show up.  The appointments were all planned out.  AWED is great about communication and always got back to me in a timely manner.  Sometimes I felt like I had stupid questions, but AsiaWest was always good about answering them.  I really didn’t have to worry about anything!  The big thing is also honesty.  When they didn’t have all the answers, I was always directed on how to find out the correct answer. AWED is kind.  They’re all really generous with your time.  I never felt like I was stranded anywhere.  AsiaWest donors should know they won’t have any hiccups with AWED.
– Donor TY

I really like [AsiaWest]. I’ve only had AsiaWest and a different agency and I like AsiaWest a lot better. You guys are nicer. Amber was texting me every day about how my visits were and how I was doing and I thought that was really sweet.
– Donor #008218

Amber’s amazing. She made everything so much better and easier… She makes you feel like you’re an important part of the process. I really thank her for that because you know, it’s uncomfortable, especially being a Korean American donating eggs, that subject is not too comfortable… So you’re walking in just feeling uncomfortable and awkward, but Amber’s been just open and always makes sure you’re ok. I think she is the one who changed this entire process for me because even though I jumped in like oh I want to do this, I needed the support more than I thought I would. And she was always there to support you.
– Donor #014748

[Amber and Delcie] were really good with answering my questions and concerns, really thorough. I liked that a lot because I felt like I trust the agency more when everything is thorough and answered and everyone is very professional… I think working with a good agency, or one you feel comfortable with is important. I think it builds that trust. For me I was looking through all the red flags and [AsiaWest] doesn’t meet any, so I was really thankful.

– Donor M

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