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Database check ins: Why are they so important?

Today's blog is written by Cassidy, one of our donor coordinators.

You’ve been added to the database... now what?

Your donor coordinator will check in with you every few months - this is called a database check in. We want to make sure that your profile is up to date with any changes that could happen while you’re waiting to get matched. For example...

  • Did you change your birth control?

  • Did you complete your degree or enroll in a new program?

  • Are you traveling outside of the U.S. anytime soon?

It’s also important to keep us updated with any schedule changes and if you move. If you match with another agency or clinic, that is also something we need to know, since we will need to request those cycle records once you have completed your match. Additionally, once donors have been on the database for 6 months to a year, we want to get new photos to add to your profile!

The bottom line is, while waiting to get matched with a family we will continue to check in with you! Your donor coordinators are always here to support you in your journey through the process. We want to make sure that we keep a steady flow of communication with you, so it is important for you to keep in communication with us and respond to the database check ins promptly!

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with us, click here to apply!

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