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Egg Donation: The Intended Parent Side

The egg donation process from the intended parent side can initially seem complicated and confusing. At Intend, we are here to help guide IP’s through this journey. Today’s post lays out what IP’s can expect from beginning to end with egg donation.


The first step will be to sit down with our program director for an initial consultation. During this meeting we will get to know you, your journey with starting your family, and what your needs and desires are going in. Here we will also explain the process in detail with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Donor Database

Next, you will be given access to our online Donor Database, where you can go through the profiles of our many donors. Information on donors’ family history, education, physical traits, personality traits, donation experience, and much more are available on the database to help you make your decision. Again, Intend is here to provide as much assistance in finding your perfect donor as you would like.

Once you have chosen a donor, you reserve the donor via the database. The length of time to officially be matched with your donor depends on if the donor is available or currently in cycle.

Sign up with Intend

Once you are officially matched, you then sign the Intend Retainer Agreement. We will come up with a trust estimate for how much this process will cost; this amount will vary depending on many factors such as who your donor is, location, etc. (for more information on fees feel free to email us at You will then pay the initial agency fee.

Await donor screening

Your donor will undergo outside screening including a family medical history consult, psychological evaluation, and medical screening. It usually takes ~2 weeks to complete these screenings.

Contract signing and fund trust

Once your donor has been cleared to move ahead, you and the donor each review a contract (drafted by Intend) with your separate attorneys. Here is where the logistics of contact, future contact, and all other legal affairs are hammered out. Once you have come to an agreement, you sign the contract.

Additionally, you will fund the trust for the donor which includes travel expenses, legal fees, additional screening, insurance, and other donor support. The donor will receive her compensation after the egg retrieval.

Await donor medical cycle and retrieval

Once the legal documents have been signed, Intend will notify the fertility clinic that the donor is cleared to begin the donation process. The donor will then undergo a medication cycle of ~10 days before the retrieval. Depending on where the donor is in her menstrual cycle, this may take longer.

After the donor completes her ~10 day medication cycle, she goes into the fertility clinic for the retrieval procedure. Once this procedure is finished, the donor will receive her compensation.

Work with clinic to build your family

At this point, Intend’s role is complete and you move on to work with the clinic to build your family in whatever way you need to. If you require a surrogate and would like help finding one, this is something we can discuss in the initial consultation (for more information on how Intend can help with surrogacy see our blog post on Intend & surrogacy).

The average time from the consultation to egg retrieval is 3 – 4 months, though it obviously varies. Especially with the current coronavirus pandemic, appointments sometimes take longer to set up. The egg donation process may still seem long and complicated, but in working with Intend, we are there for you the entire journey. We are here to answer any and all questions that you may have, and to provide assurance and guidance anywhere you might need it.

That’s all for today! If you are ready to get started with building your family with us, set up an appointment with us today by emailing us at or calling us at 503-282-5223.

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