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Importance of Having a Support System

Today's blog post was written by Lindsey, one of our case managers

No matter what phase you are at in life, having a good support system is so important. We all need people in our corner to hear us, cheer for us, talk us through difficult times, and push us to achieve our goals. For those who are interested in becoming an egg donor, this is crucial.

Why is having a support system so important during egg donation?

Aside from the beautiful gift donors give to intended parents, there are many steps between being added to the database to retrieval day. Donors will have to do a series of screening exams including bloodwork/urine appointments, ultrasounds, a psychological evaluation, and a family medical history risk assessment. This can feel overwhelming at times, so having family and/or friends you can lean on for support or even just someone to listen while you vent can make such a huge difference.

Does your support person need to come with you to appointments?

While the support person doesn't need to actually accompany you to appointments during the screening process, donors will need to bring a support person with them to their retrieval. Someone who will accompany them to the clinic on the morning of the procedure, help them to get back to the hotel after, and stay with them for a couple of days while they recover.

Who can you bring as a support person?

Many donors take their significant others, best friends, or a sibling/parent. This person can be anyone of your choosing as long as you are comfortable sharing a hotel room with them.

In conclusion...

While we do understand that this can be a very private decision, we strongly encourage donors to have at least one person they are able to open up to about their decision to be an egg donor.

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