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Intend & Surrogacy

Something that often goes hand-in-hand with egg donation is surrogacy. While Intend is a company that deals with egg donation, we understand the important role that surrogacy frequently plays in the egg donation process. Not everyone who wants to have a baby can carry a baby themselves.

One of the things that stands out about Intend as an egg donation agency is our relationship with Northwest Surrogacy Center, one of the most respected and successful surrogacy agencies on the West Coast. Intend and Northwest Surrogacy Center (NSWC) are both owned by John Chally and Sandy Hodgson, attorneys with over 25 years experience in egg donation, surrogacy, and adoption. After founding NWSC as well as our other egg donation company AsiaWest, the founders noticed a demand for egg donors of all ethnicities, not just Asian. Intend was created to help those families in need.

The fact that Intend and NWSC are part of the same family is especially beneficial for those intended families requiring a surrogate. The transition between Intend (the egg donation side) and Northwest Surrogacy (the surrogacy side) is seamless. There is no wasted time; as intended parents, you do not have to seek out a trusted surrogacy agency yourselves or introduce yourselves to an entire new set of staff, resulting in a much smoother and faster process.

The convenience of this setup is something that our intended families have noted as something they appreciated about working with us at both Intend and at AsiaWest. For instance, intended parents Ken and Brian S.* initially found Northwest Surrogacy at a Men Having Babies conference near their hometown in the Bay Area. Through NWSC, they were introduced to the AsiaWest team and ended up finding their egg donor with us.

Ken observed that the transition between egg donation and surrogacy was made easier through the NWSC connection:

“After we came to the tail end of the process, Amber [of Intend and AsiaWest] notified Sam [of NWSC] that we were ready to move to the next step, so it seems to be a smoother process since they are sister companies… If we’d had a separate surrogacy agency, then we’d have to engage them ourselves and it would take a little more work. It feels good to have everyone within the same umbrella for communication.”

Brian S. agreed that they were sold on the “whole Portland package” and that,

“…it was nice that we kind of knew everybody already. Like, ‘Oh yeah Sam’s going to call you to set up a meeting.’ Ok sure, we already knew Sam – we knew his family, brother, and sister! That was nice and I’m sure it made it easy for everybody.”

At Intend, we have taken all that we have learned about building families successfully through surrogacy over the past 25 years and applied it to egg donation. Our program is focused on increasing the probability that you have a successful match with an egg donor, while also providing transparency.

The relationship between NWSC and Intend ensures an efficient and straightforward transition from egg donation to surrogacy. We know the ins and outs of navigating the family-building process from beginning to end, and are ready to help you start your family, whether you need a surrogate or not.

*Names have been changed for privacy

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