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The Importance of Donor Communication

One of the most important things you must do as an egg donor is have good communication with your team. Good communication is essential to helping the egg donation process, which can be an extensive one. Being an egg donor should be treated with the same professionalism you would have for any other job. Good communication is essential as soon as you get on the database, and becomes even more important when you are matched with intended parents.

When You Are On the Database...

As soon as you are put on our donor database, it is important that you regularly check your email and texts, as this is how we will update you if you are matched with an intended parent. You will also need to let us know ahead of time if and when you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable to donate. It is totally fine if you decide to go on vacation or take a break for whatever reason! It’s just important for us to know so that we can note your availability on your donor profile - it’s disappointing for intended parents to get excited about you, only for you to be unavailable to donate.

Lastly, we will also periodically ask for updated photos, videos, and information so that the database stays current. If you are unresponsive and/or unreliable with communication while on the donor database, it hurts your chances to be matched and we may need to remove you from the database.

When You Are Matched...

Once you are matched, communication becomes even more critical because there will be many meetings, doctor’s appointments, and other commitments that you will need to fulfill in a timely manner. We will be there for you and walk you through the entire process, but as the donor you must meet us halfway. This means showing up to appointments (whether virtual or in person) on time, dressed appropriately, and fully engaged. The intended parents are investing a lot of money into this process and are excited to go through it with you; by agreeing to be their egg donor, you have made a commitment to the intended parents and should do what you can to ensure the process runs smoothly for everyone.

When attending Zoom meetings, try your very best to be in a quiet, appropriate space - not from bathrooms or moving cars. Would you take a job interview from this place? If not, perhaps you should reconsider. We understand that sometimes things come up and you need to be late/reschedule; we just ask that you communicate these things with us as soon as possible so that we can help you as best we can.

The more on top of it you are with your communication, the quicker and smoother this process will go!

The bottom line...

Being an egg donor should be treated professionally, as you would any other job that you are being paid for. If you are a good communicator, we are all the more excited to work with you again on future donations!

Be sure and check out our other blog post Helpful Hints for Donors for more tips on what you should do as an egg donor to best ensure a positive experience!

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