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The importance of good quality photos on your donor profile

Today's blog post was written by Delcie, one of our donor coordinators

Intended Parents can sift through hundreds of photos searching for a donor that is right for them. Good quality photos are a great way to attract an intended parent to your profile. Chances are, if your photos are grainy, blurry, or dark, they will pass right by your profile to a more appealing photograph and donor.

To make yourself stand out on the donor database, we’ve put together some tips that we recommend to our egg donors:

Photo Do's

Photos with you smiling (showing your teeth) are the best! Intended parents love to see photos of their potential donor looking content. Even if you don’t love your smile, chances are, the intended parents will prefer it to an unexpressive photo, or a photo where you look sad or depressed. Smiling makes us all look more approachable and kinder, and this is what families are looking for.

Photos taken straight on, with you looking at the camera. Odd angles, or your head being cut off, won’t work.

Professional photos are great (if they look like you), but if you don’t have them, take the time to take some photos that are bright, flattering, natural, and current. You don’t have to pay a professional for this, but you should spend some quality time taking your photos that show the best you!

Dark colors may be slimming, but bright colors stand out!

If you have changed your hair color, or have had plastic surgery, include photos with your natural hair color, and “pre-surgery” photos. Intended parents want to see the “real” you, not the “altered” you.

Include photos that are modest, and not too revealing. Intended parents are trying to imagine their future child. Wholesome, and natural photos are always the best.

Showing photos with you traveling or doing something you love is a great way to share your personality and stand out. Include photos that show you in your life with interesting backgrounds that spark interest!

Photo Don'ts

Photos that are run through a filter or an app are not the natural you. Intended parents want to see what you truly look like. Showing a true representation of yourself is not only preferred but required.

Photos of you making duck lips. We realize this is a popular pose on TikTok and in our culture in general, but let’s reserve those for social media. They are not suitable for your donor profile.

Multiple photos of you in the same outfit in different angles. Variety is always better.

Grainy, blurry, dark or pixelated photos.

Photos that are strange angles or are taken from a great distance.

Photo shopped photos, filtered photos, or photos that were run through a photo app. Anything that skews your proportions and dimensions.

Car photos, bathroom mirror photos, or unflattering photos.


... if you ever have any questions on donor photos you can always email your donor coordinator to ask!

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