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What Do Donors Use Their Compensation For?

Today's blog post was written by Lindsey, one of our case managers.

How do I know how much my compensation is?

When you are matched with Intended Parents, our agency will send you a match confirmation form that includes your individualized compensation for that match.

When will I receive my compensation?

Once you begin your injectable medications, you will receive $1,000 of your compensation. The rest of your compensation will be sent to you in full upon the completion of your egg donation procedure. If for some reason the donation is cancelled through no fault of your own and you have already started injections, you will retain the $1,000 and collect any other reimbursements due to you at at the time the cycle is cancelled.

What do donors typically use their compensation for?

When you receive your compensation, the money is yours to spend how you would like! You don’t have to use it to pay for medical bills or any other expenses related to the egg donation process. The intended parents pay for your egg donation-related medical bills, attorney fees, and other egg donation costs.

There is no end to what donors use their compensation for, but some of our donors have been very creative with how they use it.

The most common use of compensation we hear from donors is for college/paying off existing student loans. Other great ideas we have heard from our donors include a down payment on a house or rental property, help with startup costs for a business, purchasing a car, taking their dream vacation, investing, and opening a Roth IRA are just a few examples. One donor in particular has donated a few times and is currently in the process of buying her second home.

It is so wonderful to hear about the incredible ways egg donation is able to help these young girls achieve their goals and chase their dreams in so many different ways.

There is no right or wrong way to use your compensation, but if you are currently a donor or thinking about becoming one and you’re not sure what you would use it for, maybe the ideas from past donors will inspire you. The possibilities are endless!


Click here for more information on donor compensation

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