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What Kind of Birth Control Works For Egg Donation?

A common question we often get from donors is whether or not you can donate while on birth control. The short answer is yes – but it depends on which kind of birth control you are on! Here is a breakdown of different kinds of birth control and whether they work for egg donation:


This type works! It used to be that some clinics would ask donors to remove the IUD for donation, but things have changed. Recently, clinics have also stopped taking out the IUD for donation and now allow donors to keep it in.

The birth control pill

This method of birth control works great, and donors will even go on birth control for two to three weeks prior to their medication cycle. The clinics will either keep them on their current birth control, or they may change it to a different brand. Every clinic has different protocol on this, so it just depends on where you are doing your particular donation.


This type of birth control does not work for egg donation. Donors are required to remove their implant prior to donation, and with AsiaWest they need to have it removed either six months prior to the lab screening we do before placing donors on the database or have at least three regular menstrual cycles post-removal. The implant is a disqualifier for donors who won’t remove it. It should be noted that donors should not remove their implant for egg donation until they have completed the full questionnaire and passed a criminal background check. There may be other things that disqualify them, and we don’t want people changing birth control methods until we are certain they can move ahead.

The Depo shot

This type of birth control also does not work for egg donation. AsiaWest requires that donors stop taking the shot for six months prior to the lab screening we do before placing donors on the database, or have at least three regular menstrual cycles from their last depo shot.

The NuvaRing

This one works great!


Condoms work great and even prevent STI’s and STD’s which can prevent delays for egg donation. We recommend that donors use condoms even when on birth control to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


So that’s the breakdown of different birth control methods and how they work for egg donation! If you have any further questions, feel free to email our donor coordinator Cassidy and she will be happy to help you!

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