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Why recreational drugs are prohibited for egg donors

Today's blog was written by Delcie, one of our Donor Coordinators.

If you are considering becoming an egg donor, you first need to consider lifestyle factors such as drug use.

Why is recreational drug use such a big deal for egg donation?

Recreational drug use can disqualify a woman from becoming an egg donor as these habits can affect egg quality, as well as increased risk and complications during the egg donation process.

As an egg donor, will I be tested for drug use?

During the donation process, donors will be tested multiple times for all drugs including nicotine. Donors need to be cautious of secondhand smoke as well, as this can also show up on the very sensitive drug panel.

But what if it's a legal drug?

While certain drugs have become legalized in certain states, like marijuana, that does not make it acceptable during egg donation. Marijuana is a concern for donors because research has shown that female eggs exposed to THC, (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), may have an impaired ability to produce viable embryos.

Marijuana can linger in the blood stream for a long time, and so if you’re thinking of applying to be a donor, stopping all drug use prior to applying is encouraged.

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