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Donor Coordinators – How do we help applicants and donors?

Today's blog post was written by Cassidy, one of our donor coordinators.

The donor coordinator plays a crucial role in the process of egg donation by assisting and guiding the donor through the various steps involved with getting added to the donor database. They will also check in with donors while on the database to keep your profile updated.

Here are some ways in which an egg donor coordinator helps a donor:

Initial screening and evaluation

The egg donor coordinator will conduct an initial screening of the donor to determine if they meet the basic eligibility criteria for egg donation. This may involve assessing the donor's medical history, age, lifestyle factors, and previous cycle records if they have donated.

Education and counseling

The coordinator provides information and education to the donor about the egg donation process, including the medical procedures involved, potential risks and side effects, legal considerations, and emotional aspects of donation. They also offer counseling and support to help the donor make an informed decision.

Support and follow-up

Throughout the donation process, the coordinator provides support to the donor and addresses any concerns or questions that may arise. They also follow up with the donor after the donation is completed to ensure their well-being and address any post-donation issues.


Overall, an egg donor coordinator plays a vital role in facilitating the egg donation process and ensuring that the donor's needs are met, from the initial screening to post-donation care.

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