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Donor Compensation: Why We Don't Compromise

Compensation is one of the most common topics we get questions about, from both donors and intended parents. While compensation is not the main focus of the egg donation process and should never be one’s sole reason for becoming an egg donor, we recognize that compensation is a big part of egg donation.

At Intend we pride ourselves on being transparent and professional in conducting our business, which is why our compensation is clearly laid out on our website – what you see is what you get.

Here is all the information you need to know regarding compensation at Intend:


Intend has a set compensation structure for our donors.

  • As a first time donor, you can expect to receive a $9, 000 base compensation.

  • Your second time donating you will receive $11,000 as your base compensation.

  • Each cycle with us thereafter (you can cycle up to six times with Intend), as a returning donor you will receive an extra $1,000 in compensation.

There is a $3,000 bonus if you are attending or have received a degree from a four-year college or university. There are also bonuses for receiving a Master's or PhD and receiving a degree from an elite university (elite as defined by Intend). You will be required to send proof of this to receive the bonus.

Any other costs associated with the egg donation process (including insurance, medical screenings, attorney fees, and transportation) are covered by the intended parents. You will not pay anything out of pocket for donation-related expenses.


We are sometimes asked by donors why we do not negotiate compensation. Donors will try and negotiate with us, bringing up the fact that other egg donation agencies do negotiate compensation.

We have several reasons for sticking with the compensation that we have:

  • Our compensation rate has been carefully thought out and planned. We believe that the amount we have set is appropriate and fair, considering the market and the services being provided.

  • We have a very high and competitive compensation rate compared to other agencies and clinics. Donors will make more donating with us than at a clinic, even a high paying one.

  • At Intend we are all about professionalism. When you sign up to work with us, we want you to know everything that you are getting into from the start. Having a set compensation rate ensures that there is no confusion or duplicitous behavior in our relationship with you. Other agencies may promise a higher compensation, while inserting a surprise fee later on; or they may lure donors in with a big number, but skimp on providing actual quality service. When you register with an agency to be an egg donor, you are not only signing up to donate your eggs, but also to work with that agency. At Intend, we promise you will receive high quality, professional service. We are there for you throughout the entire process and as our donors attest, we make the donation process as seamless as possible. We are not trying to trick you or hide any information, which is why we lay everything, including compensation, out to begin with.

We hope this was helpful in elucidating our compensation structure and philosophy. For more information on compensation, click here and/or feel free to email us at

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