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Family Medical History and Why It’s Important

Today's blog post was written by Cassidy, one of our donor coordinators.

Do you know your full family medical history? Unless your family talks about it or you openly ask questions, sometimes we don’t know everything about our family medical history. Knowing your family medical history is important when donating your eggs for several reasons:

Genetic conditions

Understanding your family's medical history can help identify any genetic conditions that may be hereditary. This information is crucial for the recipient parents to make informed decisions about potential health risks for their future child.

Medical risks

Knowledge of family medical history can help in assessing the risks of certain medical conditions or diseases that may be passed on to the offspring. This information can be vital for both the donor and the recipient parents to consider before proceeding with the egg donation process.

Medical suitability

The medical history of the donor can help medical professionals determine the suitability of the donor for the egg donation process. Certain medical conditions in family history may disqualify a donor from participating in the donation process.

Counseling and informed consent

Having a thorough understanding of the family medical history allows for proper counseling of the donor regarding any potential risks or implications of the donation process.

Child's health

Ultimately, knowing the family medical history can help ensure the health and well-being of the child born from the donated eggs. Understanding potential genetic risks can aid in early detection and prevention of certain health conditions.

Having knowledge of the family medical history is crucial for both the donor and the recipient parents in making informed decisions and assessment.

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